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Settle Down, Enjoy the ride.

The beginning of the Fall season and school year is always so busy and overwhelming.  I always look forward to the fall, as it is my favorite time of the year. Pumpkins, coffee, fall leaves. The festivals, the football games, the sights and smells and holidays peeking around the corner. I always look forward to my full load of students coming back, fresh from summer break and ready to get back in a routine of piano study. It can also be a time of stress and anxiety.  So many deadlines and due dates and festivals appear. So many things to do to get your students established for the year.  I find myself writing out tentative festival plans for my students.  However when my students come to their lessons, they just want to play piano and learn.  Yes the more competitive ones have festivals in mind right now, but for most students, that comes later. What I’m saying is I as a teacher need to settle down, and not feel like my students need to have a plan for the year and be half way there in September!  This is not why I teach.  I teach piano to enrich the lives of my students and to educate them musically. I want to give them a well rounded musical education on the piano.  I want to meet them where they are, and make sure they are receiving the best musical education I can give them.  The festivals and extracurricular activities are excellent motivators and incentives to see hard work pay off. They are also great to work toward and have on the yearly agenda. I just think I need to remember what is most important and enjoy the ride of teaching these awesome musicians.



Vanessa Chisler

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